Ion Me


Why Ion Me?

Unlike some other wristbands, Ion Me wristbands contain the proven presence of negative ions within each piece. A minimum 2,500 negative ions per cubic centimeter. Years of research have shown that negative ions have helped in various health aspects. Our wristbands are reversible and constructed with the highest grade materials. Other wristbands on the market have been known to fall apart while the Ion Me wristband is long lasting.

How does Ion Me work?

Years of research have proven that negative ions can help increase overall performance. 80 percent of negative ions are absorbed through the skin and 20 percent are absorbed by inhalation. An increase in negative ions can help:

How long will it take me to feel the impact of the Ion Me wristband?

You will immediately receive the benefits of the Ion Me wristband as soon as the wristband is worn.

What size should I get?

Our wristbands come in 5 sizes: XS (16 cm or 6/3 in), S (17.5 cm or 6.9 in), M (19 cm or 7.5 in), L (20.5 cm or 8.1 in), and XL (22 cm or 8.7 in). The best way to size is to measure around your wrist in centimeters or inches and order the nearest size up. The wristband can be worn loose or snug, either way, the effects will be the same.

Who wears Ion Me wristbands?

Ion Me wristbands are worn by those looking to achieve enhanced overall performance including professional athletes, college athletes, amateurs, and weekend warriors. Wear it to the gym, to work, playing sports, in the shower, or just lounging at home.

What is your return policy?

New products purchased from www.ionme.com or at an authorized Ion Me event are eligible for a return within a 30 day period from the date of purchase with proof of purchase. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable. Purchases made from an Ion Me retailer are subject to the retailer’s individual return policies. For more information, visit our Return Policy page